Touristic Sites of Neyshaboor

Neyshaboor includes historical monuments and mausoleums of the celebrated persons such as Hakim Omar Khayyam, ŽAttar Nayshaburi, Kamal-ol-Molk, Emamzadeh Mohammad Mahrooq and Ebrahim (pbuh), Fazlollah ebn-e Shazan and SaŽid ebn-e Salam Maghrebi. Besides, it enjoys mountanious sites and summer quarter, the most picturesque of them are Darrod, Kharn, Garineh, bar, SomeŽeh, Kelider, Boozhan, Ghar-rug, Mirabad, Hessar, and Barfiz.
Covering an area of several hectares, the international camp of Baghrud is located 12 km north of Neyshaboor. Having over 5000 visitors in a day, it is the second in the camps of Iran.
Several traditional gardens are also aituated inside and outside of Neyshaboor- among them Bagh-e Neshat, in Taqiabad village, kamal-ol-Molk`s home in Hosseinabad village, Bagh-e Amin-ol-Eslami, Bagh-e Qavami and Bagh-e Jamshid, inside the city.