Khayyam Museum

The Cultural Heritage Organization established the Khayyam Museum near his tomb, owing to the occasion of the International Congress of the Celebration of Khayyam, 17 May 2000, and his scientific dignity, his works, especially those relating to astronomy, calendar, mathematics, his frequent references to soil, pot, pottery, the importance of the earthenwares of Neyshaboor and the lacking of the museum displaying objects from hakim Khayyam period.
Formerly used as the Cultural Heritage Office, the modern construction is now a museum near Khayyam`s tomb. Superb works and objects have benn transferred to it from different museum. It includes four parts. The first one displays asronomical objects such as observational instruments, astrolabe, various kinds of comoasses and constellations.
The second part houses bronze and metal vessels from the 5th- 7th century AH (Khayyam period). The third part displys clay vessels and glazed clay vessels from the 3rd- 7th century AH.
Most of the vessels are monochrome, polychrome, carved, over glazed, stamped patterned, and ornate. The most important of them are an earthenware decorated with brown Kufic scripts. The way of inscribing the Kufic script on the earthenwares is a matter of great interest to researchers.
The fourth part includes calligraphies relating to astronomy and paintings of Hakim Omar Khayyam. Our hope is that the Museum will be enlarged and riched in the near future.

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